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Panorama of Szczecin

Communication station 999 has been on the air since September 1, 2012. Functioning as Szczecin Radio its responsibilities are broad and diverse. Our primary mission, as well as all of CB communications, is to provide support for citizens. We help vehiceles get safely their destinations, warn about the road hazards and broadcast official weather warnings. Szczecin Radio also provides emergency communications for citizens.

The antenna system consists of Phased Arrays, Broadside Arrays, Vee Beams and Omni-directional characterized by the high radiation efficiency. Antennas are made of EN AW-6060 aluminum tubes. Vee Beams are made of copper wires and are intended for use in the fields. The antenna system is placed 11m above the very good soil. We work 27020 kHz AM, 27140 kHz USB, 27180 kHz AM, 27280 kHz AM and the international SSB frequencies.

Transmitter site is located on the lake shore in the vicinity of Szczecin, Poland. Our station runs two Voltcraft FSP-11330 Fixed Voltage PS. Transmitters are two units of President Lincoln II v3 and Albrecht 2990 AFS. Szczecin Radio also owns the RM Italy KL-405 and KL-503 amplifiers that are able to feed 400 Watts into the antenna system.

Another part of our activity is the radio hobby. A long-distance HF voice communication and designing / development of antenna systems for the radio enthusiasts all around the World are a good way to spend free time. Operators of Szczecin Radio enjoys every contact based either on the ground-wave propagation or the ionospheric reflection. International channels we work Станция Связи 999 (RU), COMMSTA 999 (US) and 161unit999 (EU).

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