Information for Members

Mailing list

The DVCS mailing list is exclusively open to all members. It is used to communicate relevant information such as job advertisements, the announcement of events such as conferences, workshops and lectures as well as other important news.

As a member of the DVCS, you will automatically be included in the recipient list when you join. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time. Deregistration has no influence on DVCS membership.

If you want to change your subscription, you can visit the settings page. To prevent misuse, it is password protected. An automatically generated password is sent to you upon subscription, but it can also be reset on the settings page.

Please send relevant information for our members such as announcements about conferences, workshops, job advertisements, scholarships, or important publications related to China to:

liste [ at ] dvcs [ punkt ] eu

The contributions are collected and then usually sent to our members as a digest within a few days.

Confirmation of payment for tax authorities

We will not send a confirmation of payment of the membership fee since it is too low to warrant the expense. However, a confirmation of payment (pdf) can be downloaded here. In combination with a bank statement or deposit receipt this will normally be accepted by tax authorities.

SEPA direct debit

You are welcome to give DVCS a SEPA mandate for the annual payment of the membership fee. To do so, simply send the completed declaration of consent (pdf) to our treasurer.

New address or bank details?

All members are asked to report changes in their postal address or bank details to the Trea­sur­er, Dr Thorben Pelzer. Every year we have to pay charges for debit transactions on closed accounts.

DVCS bank details

As a DVCS member, please feel free to contact us via email in order to receive our bank details.